Hair Loss Treatment Natural Tips

Hair loss and damage in women can be reason by dry head condition, tension, improper diet and shortage of hair care. Although there are medications that work for your hair, obviously test a few of our tested hair repair and re-growth herbal remedies first.

It’s really simple; all you need is three things. You need some sweet almond oil. You can also substitute it with sesame oil or avocado oil. And then there are two essential oils. You have bay essential oil and lavender essential oil.Now essential oils you can buy them at an aromatherapy store, maybe sometimes you can find them at your spa, or at a local organic health store and you can also buy them online, which is what I do. Just make sure that you get it from a well-known supplier if you’re buying it online, because sometimes you don’t get bad quality essential oils, so make sure when you are buying your essential oils, the place you are buying it from has good reviews.

So basically, I have here five to six tablespoons of oil, and to it I will add 4 drops of [xx] essential oil. And, And also five drops of Lavender essential oil and basically all you’re do and mix it all up and massage it onto your scalp. It’s actually best if you’re sweet almond oil that you’re going to be using, if you heat it for at least like 15 seconds in the microwave and then add your essential oils, and then you just massage it onto your scalp.

And by doing this you’re basically stimulating hair growth because when you massage your scalp there’s more blood and oxygen flow, so that helps with the process of hair growth because a healthy scalp means healthy hair. So, that’s pretty much it. Once you have mixed all your ingredients, you apply it onto your hair, leave it on for 20 minutes once it’s done, and just wash your hair like you normally would.And, that’s it. You can do this, I would say about 3 times a week. 1 to 3 times a week, it depends on basically how serious your hair loss problem is. So you just apply this, and that’s it. And for more information on how to prevent hair fall, or more things that you can do to help stimulate hair growth and basically what causes hair fall.


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