Three Methods To Combat Baldness

It is a fact that almost all men will have some baldness in their lifetime. Whether it is thinning hair, bald spots, or total baldness almost all men have to deal with it. Now that the average population age in the US is getting older this is a big problem. Men hate the thought of going bald. This opens the door for many companies who offer hair re-growth products and treatments. THere are three possible treatments to check out if your are bald.

The first one is my favorite hair implants. I think this is the best procedure because it can last for years. It uses a person’s own hair so there is not a problem with matching. When these were first tried they didn’t really work very well. But with recent changes this is now a very good way to grow hair. Basically hair follicles are removed from one section of the scalp and transplanted to the bald spot. The hair follicles live and grow just like they did in the donor area which looks very natural.

The next method is hair replacement systems. You probably don’t know them by this name. They are also known as toupee’s. The reason for the name change is the word toupee’ has come to be associated with comedy. How many tiems have you watched a movie where the guy loses his hair at inopportune times? The word itself makes a person laugh because of all the funny images. That does not work well for the companies trying to sell the product. Thus the name was changed. These hair replacement systems can cover a bald spot for much less cost that other methods. They are very well matched to your hair color and texture. Also, the attachment systems work much better than the in the movies. You should check these out if you are on a tight budget.

The third method is the laser comb. I can’t recommend this simply because there have not been scientific studies to prove it works. There is ample anecdotal evidence from men about the effectiveness of this product. But the needed studies have not been completed at this time. The theory seems to make sense. The laser comb heats the scalp which should increase blood flow. Most baldness in men is caused by a loss of blood supply to the hair follicles at the bald area. Thus it may prove beneficial but we are waiting for scientific substantiation.

These are methods used to help re-grow hair. If you are experiencing baldness you need to know that bald men are perceived to be ten to twenty years older than they really are. Check out these options and see if any is right for you.


Paul Yanez is’s editorial director. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and a BA in English Language and Literature from Rutgers.

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