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Every people on earth looks distinct. There is even a myth. There is seven exactly same looking person with the same personality scattered all around the world. These two completely different statements can open a new perspective to the question, am I ugly

As said above, every person is distinctively different from each other in terms of features and looks. It is a common explanation that how can one base on so many different looking people exactly set a beauty standard that is to be called, that who are ugly and beautiful?

Need to go for an ugly test

If there are so many distinct assets and features which, are unique to everybody, how can one set a specific guideline to beautify things? If we think it this way, it is completely irrational to decide the beauty guidelines regarding location and place. People are born with different Genetics and DNA in their widely diverse bodies.

The perspective judgment of another statement. There are seven different people of the same features and assets in the world. We can take this statement as how come am I ugly? If the other is people around the world with the same face are happier than me.

There are many lame excuses to find where you find yourself in a negative competition of serial thoughts. Where you compare yourself to a different person with a different set of Mindsets and personalities to yourself, keeping a sole assumption that they are prettier than you.

Now, here can we take two reasons. You hate yourself for certain reasons and experiences or are obsessed with other persons justifying that they are pretty with the explanation you are uglier.

Why Do You Think That You Are Ugly?

There can be many situations, reactions, and self-conscious thoughts that you can grow your mind, thinking that, why are you ugly? And why no one likes you? But, it is not true. 

We judge ourselves based on the reason. Anyone who looks pretty in their style is beautiful than us, and we are not prettier than them. They look beautiful in their outfits and their appearance. It is because they know how to maintain it? And how to select the style? Which is suitable for them. Instead of fitting into the clothes they have chosen that define them. You can do it to making yourself more attractive, forgetting the thought in your consciousness that you are ugly.

People who are pickier in their looks, maintaining it perfectly, tend to be more attractive than careless about their maintenance and fitness.  One should never think that why they are ugly? And why they are not enough for someone? Just because the other person seeing your beauty does not worth you. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone has a different perspective of seeing beauty in a person. One might think you’re beautiful, and others may not. It is a mixed combination. Everyone is different, and one should respect it and try to love themselves to the fullest. A confident and humble personality is better than a good-looking face that attracts anybody over a beautiful body.


Paul Yanez is’s editorial director. He holds a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and a BA in English Language and Literature from Rutgers.

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